About Us


As ASTAŞ, we have been serving to the garment and ready-to-wear industry with high tech brands and wide variety of the products for 40 years. We support the global competitive power of the textile and ready-to-wear industry, and offer our customers all kinds of services that increase the quality and efficiency of existing facilities.  As Astaş, we attach great importance to innovation and R&D studies and we do this with the world brands we represent and our own brands.


Our aim is to offer special solutions as per the requirements of the clients through manufacturing process – from fabric to finished product with more than 30 world-leading brands that we represent and high-tech  sewing machines of our own production.


In our product range, we offer not only the sewing equipments but also the computer aided pattern room and Cutting Room Technology (CAD-CAM systems) that ensure high productivity and efficiency,

garment packaging technologies, mask production Technologies, protective clothing production machines and machines with high technology in the field of technical textiles.


We always strive to offer latest technologies and the most suitable product to our customers as per their needs and expectations. By combining years of experience with knowledge and innovation, we bring our new generation technologies together with the textile and ready to wear industry.


We aimed to transform our experience and quality understanding, which we have gained thanks to enhanced cooperation with our Japanese and German partners for 40 years by taking part in such high technology,into "Made in Turkey" stamped value for our country, and we succeeded this. As Astaş, with 40 years of experience in the sector, we presented our own production solutions in the field of hanging garment bagging machines to our customers with our own brand "FOLIOPACK". With our FOLIOPACK brand, which we have created using new generation technologies, we produce technology according to the needs and expectations of our customers in the field of hanging garment bagging technologies and continue to offer the most suitible product.


We as Astaş, offer the first and many innovations to our customers for the textile and ready-to-wear sector, become a solution partner for them with the technology and systems we have developed.Our vision is to provide our customers most effective, sustainable and reliable solutions which we gained with  40 years of experience in the garment industry. The most important mission of Astaş is to present advanced technology to the sector with an understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction and to ensure that producers get better efficiency with higher capacity.


Our future aim is to introduce our high-tech products with superior quality understanding to world markets and to proudly wave our flag in the global arena with our products which have Turkish technology.



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