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APM500S Series

Fully Automatic Packaging Machine For Garments On Hanger

Fast, high quality and standard automatic packaging feature


Ability to pack garments up to max. 160 cm


Ability to operate with bags of 50 to 70 cm wide


Capacity 500 - 600 bags per hour


Bags top & bottom bonding (also top diagonal) feature


Ability to adjust bag length both automatically or manually


Servo motor controlled


Conveyorised automatic pre-loading system (conveyor capacity 60 pieces)


Stacking on exit feature


Touchmatic control panel (Turkish, English, Spanish Languages available)


Easy adjustment of all controls via touch panel


Machine dimensions: 2093x9200x3015 mm.


Security measures meeting CE standards


Voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz


Power: 2.5 kW (Max.)


Air pressure: 6 bar





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APM500S Serisi
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